Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mellowlink ep4-5

Sorry for the wait. Haven't heard anything back about possibly getting new raws, so I'll just continue to work with what I have at the moment. If I do ever get higher quality raws in the future, I wouldn't mind re-encoding the subs with them again to release them.

Anyways, here's episodes 4-5:

Stage 04 - Leaning Tower

Stage 05 - Battlefield


  1. Wow, great show, thanks for all your work, it's a great series. — I watched all of VOTOMs and have to say I survived it more than I really enjoyed it, it had its high points (Kummen and X-10 and Pailsen) but a lot of really dry stretches. I'm only one episode 2 of Merrowlink, but I can relate a lot more to the mystery and action; Chirico just needed to smile a bit more (but then it wouldn't have been VOTOMs).

  2. Thanks Greg, be sure to stop by the mSubs forums if you have the time too and thank UKanon, since he's honestly been doing more of the work on this (new manual scripting and timing) than myself (just quality check, editing, and simple encoding).

    I loved all of Votoms personally, but, I do tend to like weirder shows with slower pacings and whatnot (Ideon comes to mind). I know what you mean about Mellow though, he seems a bit more ... realistic than Chirico, shows a little more emotion, etc, lol.

  3. I really like that episode in the derelict ship, great suspense and near-death experiences.
    I think I prefer this to Votoms.
    I loved the world of Votoms, the 80s biker punks, desert carnage and complete lack of emo whining, but the super-soldier types were boring characters and the more of the mystery was revealed the less interesting Chirico got..

    Plus the whole concept of someone taking on a mobile suit with nothing but a rifle is awesome . And your version looks so much better it's almost unrecognisable as the same series. Thanks for making the effort :)